Let yoga transform you from the inside out.

What A Good Yoga Teacher Will Tell You


“Listen to your body. Open into the posture. Don’t be afraid to explore what your body can do.”

In any yoga class you’ll probably hear phrases and words of encouragement like those above. As your guide, your yoga teacher is there to support you in your practice in whatever form or level it takes in that moment. You remain the captain of your own ship, so to speak; your yoga teacher is your trusty first-mate, helping you navigate rough waters and rocky shores, but ultimately you decide in what direction and how far your ship will go.

Your teacher is central to helping you experience not just asana, but all the subtle spiritual and emotional levels that are integral to your practice. It is here that yoga works its unique magic, helping you increase the harmonious relationship between mind, body and spirit.

We could write a book on this subject using our own amazing group of teaching professionals as examples. While we contemplate how much fun that would be, visit our friends at Yoganonymous and check out this exceptional article by James Bailey, “What A Good Yoga Teacher Will Tell You”.

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