Let yoga transform you from the inside out.

Tricia White


“When the student is ready, the teacher will come,” is one of Tricia’s favorite quotes. “There’s a serendipitous quality about it; you know something good will happen, you just don’t know how or when,” she explains. “You just have to trust that whatever comes your way, you’ll be ready for it.” That quote manifested into a surprising reality during Tricia’s first-ever yoga practice. That class was taught by Scott Sarber, a master teacher and yogi who became Tricia’s mentor and friend.

“Scott saw something in me I definitely didn’t see in myself. He would introduce me to people, saying, “This is Tricia. She’s going to teach yoga someday.” I was mortified. I’d only been taking classes for a few months and couldn’t see myself in that role.”

Fate apparently had other ideas. During Scott’s hiatus, the substitute teacher for his regular class failed to show. “I noticed people looking at me, then someone said, “Tricia, would you lead us today?” It was surreal. You know, sometimes the universe calls on you whether you raise your hand or not. I wasn’t nervous; it was as if I’d been teaching my whole life. In that moment, I stepped into a beautiful new reality. I became a yoga teacher.”


Tricia continued to teach and practice yoga, receiving her 200-hour certification in yoga and anatomy in 2012 (Expanding Light, Northern Ca) and additional certifications in Meditation and Healing Touch (School of Holistic Touch, Ontario Ca). A devoted yogi, Tricia’s teaching incorporates traditional Hatha practice (asana and breathwork); a stronger practice she calls, “Modified Ashtanga”; Gentle Yoga; and serene Guided Meditation.

Tricia teaches private classes for Peace Love Yoga Palm Springs to groups throughout the Coachella valley.

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