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The Hardest Asana: Letting Go


Originally published in Randy’s Corner, August 24, 2015

At the end of each day something truly miraculous happens. The sun, which has spent so much energy climbing to its highest point in the sky, begins a peaceful descent. The light fades in celebration of the day’s end, while wisps of gold linger to welcome the gentle embrace of twilight.

Imagine if the sun were to decide not to let go of the day. The earth would suffer, both in its presence and in its absence. Thankfully, the sun does not struggle to hold on to the day. Once its task is done, there is only the celebration of release.

With so many things vying for our attention – family, friends, work – it’s easy for our lives to turn into a never-ending “to-do” list. We often push past what is healthy for us, both physically and mentally. Yet no matter how hard or how long we work, we never seem to be “done”. The sense of happiness in our accomplishments takes a back-seat to the belief that we could and should be doing more.

This is why a regular yoga practice is so important. The time you spend on your mat is your time to free yourself from the demands of the “monkey mind” and cultivate a sense of peace and contentment. The next time you step on your mat (which I hope will be soon!), acknowledge all you have accomplished this far in your journey. Believe that you have done your best. Let go of what you cannot change or control. Breathe … and be grateful.

Oh, and don’t worry. Like the sun, you’ll always have another chance to shine.



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