Let yoga transform you from the inside out.

rc-yogi-journey It is our joyful pleasure to present a new chapter in our ongoing series, "Journey of a Yogi".  In this chapter, The Anonymous Yogi turns inward for a thoughtful meditation on softness, forgiveness and the serenity of just letting go.

Part 3: It's Just Yoga
by The Anonymous Yogi, Jan 17, 2017
“Feel the softness in your body."

I had heard this many times in our Peace Love Yoga classes but until recently had not had the ability to recognize the softness. I was curious to expand upon the experience of this elusive sensation.

My early experiences with Softness began in my second year aided, by the cumulative benefits of my daily commitment to yoga and meditation and my determination to continue experiencing its healing. I had trouble finding the softness in my body so I looked for the hardness; this was easier for me to find. I would then use the techniques I had learned in meditation to relax these areas of tightness or discomfort. This gave me the sensation of what softness could feel like and allow my body and mind to memorize this feeling.

I now apply this same softness to my attitudes and expectations of myself. Softness is akin to forgiveness and acceptance. I have found a workable and practical way to heal myself with finding the opposite -- sort of like looking in the mirror and applying the Band-aid.

I have become fascinated with the word “Just” and apply it when I want to experience softness. I think, "It is “Just” discomfort. It is “Just Fear”. "Just" Let Go." I felt “Just” was one of the most innocuous words in my vocabulary and brings me a sense of release when I use it. But when I look up the definition of the word, I see “Guided by Truth”.

This is exactly where I feel I am today after nearly two years of Peace Love Yoga. I am guided by truth.

It is the truth I have awoken inside me -- the truth I feel when I am awakened through breath and movement.

My inner skeptic says, “It is only yoga” -- but now I prefer to say; “It is JUST Yoga”.

We encourage you to experience for yourself how a regular yoga practice can bring strength, healing and joy to your life. As our Divine Student discovers each day, it's never too late to begin a practice of self-care and compassion. When you're ready, we're here to encourage and support you with every breath. Until then, have a sparkling day! See you next time!!


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