Let yoga transform you from the inside out.

Just Breathe

Originally published in Randy’s Corner, August 9, 2014

Many people are intimidated by yoga. We live in a world of competition and judgment. The yoga mat is the only place that I know of where you can let all of that go and be totally with yourself, without judgment — just allowing your inner guru to guide you through your personal practice. There are no “shoulds” or “rights or wrongs”. Everyone’s body is different and therefore everyone’s practice will be different, unique to themselves.

Every day we bring a different body to yoga and everyday is an opportunity to explore and know your body better, learning to listen to the needs of your body at any given moment, and staying present, being kind and compassionate with yourself. Allowing your body to find it’s happy place while staying safe, is very liberating!

I invite you to give yourself the gift of yoga. The hardest part is showing up for class. After that, it’s fun and easy; it’s invigorating and it’s life changing.

Yoga for me is about harnessing mindful and meditative energy in the time that you are on your mat. It’s about being present, restoring, and bringing peace and harmony to your day.

While I appreciate having a private practice at home there is something powerful about sharing space, time and practice with others. We support each other in that very special moment of asana-breath and being. It is even more fulfilling and rewarding when we meditate together…there is an energy that binds us together…we are gathered in a united purpose that not only completes us as individuals, but also as a group…and that then radiates out into our world.

Come enjoy your practice with us at Peace Love Yoga.


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