Let yoga transform you from the inside out.

Meditation & Sound Bath w/Barry Raccio
We invite you to stop, breathe and just relax at our soul-soothing gong meditation, an immersive healing experience brought to you with joy by yogi and certified KRI Kundalini instructor, Barry Raccio!
Barry will guide you through a gentle, breath-centered meditation and mantra; then, you’ll recline on a mat comfortably supported by your own pillow and blanket, if you wish. Barry will then play a 32″ Paiste Symphonic Gong. The powerful vibrations of this gong bring healing to the physical body, clarity to the mind and an overall sense of well-being and connection to the soul. Those who have experienced this form of deep relaxation say that they feel the vibrations both on their bodies and within, and that they leave with a feeling of centerdness and peace.
We encourage you to wear soft, comfortable clothing and bring your favorite blanket or pillow (a limited number of mats and blankets will be available in-studio for you to use). The gong that will be played starts softly and varies in volume, tone and rhythm to bring the full spectrum of alpha and theta brainwave relaxation. Sliding donation: $10-$20. Pay what you can. Water and snacks provided.
Upcoming Sound Bath Meditation dates:
Dec 5
Kundalini Yoga & Meditation w/Barry Raccio
The Winter Solstice is a time for reflection, when we cultivate vitality and take additional care to nurture ourselves. We move into stillness as the earth moves into a gentle winter’s night, allowing peace to surround us so we can return to our lives refreshed and strengthened for the new year to come.

The holidays can be a hectic time of doing, leaving us feeling stressed and depleted. Joyously, we can find relief, renewed energy and purpose in the practice of Kundalini Yoga, Meditation & Chant. This year’s Winter Solstice auspiciously aligns with the Full Moon, providing a unique opportunity for healing. Your guide in bliss is Barry Raccio who brings not only the wisdom and teachings of his own Kundalini path to this event, but the additional bliss of healing sound from a Paiste symphonic gong. Skillfully played by Barry, the gong’s vibrations will impact your entire body, alleviating stress, unwinding tension and bringing the mind to total calm.

Soft, comfortable clothing is recommended. Kundalini yoga can be done by anyone, regardless of level of fitness, age or ability. $20/person.
Upcoming Kundalini Yoga & Meditation dates:
Dec 15
Magical Mystery New Year’s Celebration w/Dennis Daniels
If you really could do anything, what would you do? Who would you be? We ponder these important questions but don’t always know how to make the answers into a reality. The Magical Mystery New Year’s Celebration is an annual workshop created and facilitated by Dennis Daniels with a simple purpose: To help you create a clear intention and focus for the new year — how you want to live it and the changes you want to embrace.

The beginning of each New Year brings a flurry of parties and merriment. Amid the countdowns and confetti, the promise of better days to come takes shape in the form of the New Year’s Resolution. How many have we made, only to watch them vanish in a haze of self-doubt? As the months pass, we find ourselves turning away from opportunities that might benefit us, recalling what we thought of as “failure” at not accomplishing what we said we’d do. The weight of this false belief grows until we can’t see past it. It becomes the invisible barrier between the life that we have and the life that we want.

The fun, creative segments of the Magical Mystery NY Celebration will help you identify and understand the things that are preventing you from moving forward and help you release them so you can create the life you really want.

Upcoming Magical Mystery New Year’s Celebration dates:
Dec 30