Let yoga transform you from the inside out.


Healing Circle w/Margaret Wilcox

Upcoming Healing Circle dates: 

Dec 8th | 2:00pm-3:30pm

It’s time to recharge and refresh your body and your mind!
We invite you to take a break from the your hectic holiday schedule and join us in a healing circle. This class is open to all; students of Reiki are encouraged to attend. Certified Reiki practitioner Margaret Wilcox wheelsoflight.org will guide us through a deep healing meditation and we will practice individual and group clearings to rid ourselves of negative energies, leaving you energetically cleansed and ready for the abundance of the year to come.

$10/person (suggested donation).


Healthy Smoothie Workshop w/Candridge Kentridge-Britton

Upcoming Healthy Smoothie Workshop dates: 

Dec 7 | 1:00pm-3:30pm

Need an energy boost? Want more protein in your diet? Make a NUTRITION-PACKED SMOOTHIE!

Presented with grace and gratitude by wellness professional, author and yogi Candace Kentridge-Britton!

As we navigate our busy lives, it often seems we’re running on a tank that’s half full. Nutritionally, that means our bodies are functioning on less than they need, but we’re asking them to do more. Most of us are, quite literally, operating on a nutrition deficit.

HEALTHY SMOOTHIES are an easy way to give your body a quick nutritional boost to help power your day!

  • Understand the importance of nutrition tailored for your body’s needs — and learn what happens to your body when that doesn’t happen;
  • Develop strategies you can use right away to support your long-term health goals;
  • Examine the difference between whole-food nutrition and today’s “fast fix” food culture;
  • Sugar, Friend & Foe: Get the energy you need without excess sugar;
  • Receive recipes you can make at home that will add more essential vitamins, minerals and protein to your diet;

Plus, you’ll get to sample YUMMY SMOOTHIES that are powerhouses of energy and immune support. Nutritional smoothies help you feel less hungry; less tired; aid in digestion; supplement your body’s nutritional needs; and provide powerful immune support.

$25/person. Prepay at paypal.me/candacekbritton, or at the door.