Let yoga transform you from the inside out.

Free Your Hips! w/Margaret Wilcox
Upcoming Free Your Hips! dates: 
Feb 24
Ease tension and increase flexibility and mobility in this superb hip-opening class!
Magical Margaret Wilcox returns to our studio with the next installment of her ongoing workshops dedicated to helping you stretch and soothe tightness in your hips. Tightness in your hips, in your psoas and hip flexors don’t just affect your physical health; yoga masters have long expressed that negative emotions (fear, anxiety, etc.) are rooted in the hips.
If tight hips are causing you pain, this 2-hour workshop is just what you need to strengthen, stretch and finally FREE THOSE HIPS! You’ll peform a series of beginning to intermediate yoga postures using supports (foam blocks, bolsters, blankets) and most postures will be done seated against the wall. Beneficial to all levels. $30/person; water and snacks provided.
Meditation & Sound Bath w/Barry Raccio
Upcoming Sound Bath Meditation dates: 
Mar 6 | Apr 3 | May 8 | Jun 1
We invite you to stop, breathe and just relax at our soul-soothing gong meditation, an immersive healing experience brought to you with joy by yogi and certified KRI Kundalini instructor, Barry Raccio!
Barry will guide you through a gentle, breath-centered meditation and mantra; then, you’ll recline on a mat comfortably supported by your own pillow and blanket, if you wish. Barry will then play a 32″ Paiste Symphonic Gong. The powerful vibrations of this gong bring healing to the physical body, clarity to the mind and an overall sense of well-being and connection to the soul. Those who have experienced this form of deep relaxation say that they feel the vibrations both on their bodies and within, and that they leave with a feeling of centerdness and peace.
We encourage you to wear soft, comfortable clothing and bring your favorite blanket or pillow (a limited number of mats and blankets will be available in-studio for you to use). The gong that will be played starts softly and varies in volume, tone and rhythm to bring the full spectrum of alpha and theta brainwave relaxation. Sliding donation: $10-$20. Pay what you can. Water and snacks provided.
Kundalini Yoga & Meditation w/Barry Raccio
Upcoming Kundalini Yoga & Meditation dates: 
Mar 16 | Apr 20 | May 18 | Jun 22
“Yoga works to unite you; it gives you energy so that you can be transformed. To bring you from unawareness to awareness is the purpose of Kundalini Yoga. Yoga does nothing more and nothing less.” — Yogi Bhajan
All that is needed to combat the troubles of existance (ego, self-doubt, fear, etc.) is a foundation solidly grounded and rooted in awareness. This is not out of reach. Practicing the techniques of Kundalini Yoga will help you recognize and quiet the self-defeating chatter of the “monkey mind”. As you develop strength in both body and will, a new vision of yourself will emerge: A pure, clear realization of your authentic self.