Let yoga transform you from the inside out.

All classes taught at Peace Love Yoga Palm Springs are designed to help guide you on your path to wellness, balance, flexibility, and strength. Our classes range from slower-paced styles to revitalizing vinyasa (flow with the breath). Below, you’ll find a full description of the classes offered at our studio.Our classes are taught in a supportive, non-threatening, non-competitive style. No matter what class you choose, we want you to have a safe, enjoyable practice each time you visit. If you are pregnant, recovering from an injury or managing an ongoing illness, please let your teachers know so they can offer comfort modifications.


Yoga Nidra
Immerse yourself in the profound healing peace of Yoga Nidra! Referred to as “The Divine Sleep”, this deeply calming, spiritually centering practice produces a unique combination of alert awareness and deep relaxation. The techniques of Yoga Nidra are easy to learn and you can perform them even if you have little or no experience with meditation. Combined with pranayama (breath work) this soothing non-movement class will leave you feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and fully present.



Super Chill Restorative
Goodbye, tension and stress — hello, serene relaxation! Combining soothing breathwork and the best elements of restorative yoga, this class is designed for complete mind-body relaxation and healing. Everything you need will be provided for you (mats, blankets and bolsters); all you need to bring is yourself. No previous experience with yoga or deep relaxation needed to enjoy this healing, supported practice.



Kundalini Yoga
Known as the “Yoga of Awareness”, the techniques of Kundalini yoga use unique combinations of breath, meditation, kryia (postures) and sacred sound. The emphasis of each class will differ but the goal remains the same: To empower you with an awareness beyond the ordinary, uniting you with the Universal Life Force and bringing about greater vitality, personal excellence and a new concept of who you are. Kundalini Yoga can be done by anyone, regardless of age, flexibility or level of fitness.



Gentle Yoga
Adhering to the traditional asanas (postures) that are the foundation of all yoga, the Gentle Yoga class at Peace Love Yoga Palm Springs is structured to be accessible to all levels. Class begins with a centering meditation and seated asanas to awaken the body before moving to standing asanas. Class moves at a moderate pace, allowing you time to fully experience a posture before moving on to the next. Your standing sequence leads you back to the floor for reclining asanas and savasana.



Beginning Yoga
Using the same principals and structure, this class is a slower-paced version of our Gentle Yoga class. Your Beginning Yoga class starts with a seated meditation and includes both standing and seated postures. Props (blanket, strap, bolster, foam block) are used liberally to maximize comfort for beginners and for those with limited flexibility. Your Beginning Yoga class ends in a reclining posture before releasing into savasana.



Energetic Flow
This multi-level practice begins with a centering warm-up for arms, shoulders, upper body and spine before moving into a lively flow that includes strength, flexibility and balance postures. Each movement is coordinated with a breath; as you inhale, you raise your arms to the sky; as you exhale, you fold forward and so on. As your breath carries you from one posture to the next, it stimulates blood flow into the muscles and joints, revitalizing your whole body. Practice ends with supine postures that bring ease to the body, preparing it for savasana.



Restorative Yoga
This calming and deeply soothing style of yoga can be enjoyed by anyone. Using props (blanket, strap, bolster, foam block, wall, chair), you’ll be guided through an easy sequence of supported postures. The props provide additional support for the body, allowing you to relax completely into the posture. The therapeutic effects of this practice extend to the nervous system, facilitating a state of deep relaxation. Restorative yoga is beneficial to everyone and is very effective in managing anxiety, stress and menopausal symptoms.



Mala Meditation & Chant
Peace Love Yoga Palm Springs invites you to try our serene Mala Meditation & Chant class! Adding daily meditation can help you experience new and deeper levels of your yoga practice while teaching you to manage the stress arising from the complexities of modern life. Using sound (mantra) and a mala (a string of prayer beads), you’ll learn to use your breath to quiet your mind. Class includes breath, sound and energy work with explanations of chakras (energy centers in the body) and how to tune in to the unique properties of each. Peaceful and calming to the nervous system, meditation & chant can be practiced by everyone. Donation-based.



Community Yoga: All Levels
Share the gift of yoga with your family, friends and neighbors in this playful all-levels Community class at Peace Love Yoga Palm Springs! Rooted in traditional Hatha practice, the Community class is designed with everyone in mind. Asanas (postures) are presented in detail and modifications offered so that everyone can participate. Each class builds on the one before it, adding variations on postures to suit both beginners and advanced students.