Let yoga transform you from the inside out.

Aloha and Mahalo!
Look's like the mat's out of the bag! I'm officially the owner of our beloved studio, Peace Love Yoga Palm Springs!
Friends and fellow teachers know this has been a life-long dream, and seeing it blossom into reality has been one of the most amazing experiences in my life thus far.
Having a yoga studio is a lot like having a baby, I imagine -- yoginis, you'll correct me if I'm wrong! There's the initial excitement, followed by a ton of preparation and learning (ah, the mysteries of Quickbooks) ... all leading up to the BIG MOMENT. Once that little life is brought into being, you know there's no turning back -- and you realize there's no go-to because now, it's YOU!
One important thing I've learned, both in life and in this new venture, is that no one can undertake something this huge without help. I want to take this opportunity to thank Randy & Keith Harwood for their never-ending kindness and support during our transition; my loving, thoughtful and patient partner, Ken Lowstetter; a shout-out to our amazing webmaster, Tricia White; kudos and love to our fantastic yoga teachers Karol Trejo, Margaret Wilcox, Barry Raccio and Jo Opsahl -- and a jumbo-sized hug to YOU, our phenomenal students for bringing your magic to the mat every day.
Our new 2017-2018 Fall/Winter Class Schedule is now available; it's just a sampling of the life-enriching workshops and soul-soothing classes we've planned for the coming year.
Thank you for allowing us to share your journey with you. See you at the studio! Namaste

We encourage you to experience for yourself how a regular yoga practice can bring strength, healing and joy to your life. As our Divine Students discover each day, it's never too late to begin a practice of self-care and compassion. When you're ready, we're here to encourage and support you with every breath. Have a sensational day -- and we'll see you on the mat!


  1. Congratulations Chuck! How wonderful to realize your dream! We get to Palm Springs on the 13th. So looking forward to getting back to Peace, Love, Yoga next week! See you soon! Namaste, Linda

  2. Thank you for a wonderful yoga studio to be with ME. Peace Love studio is an inner practice of Mind/Body/Spirit that keeps us in touch with our inner self.

    Peace Love Yoga brings quiet, Peace, Smiles and Fun. I leave, always, with a well grounded feeling and a stronger
    foundation to face the world in which we love and live . THANK YOU

  3. Chuck, this is so wonderful. Although I live in Vancouver, B.C. and only see you a half dozen or so times in February this studio is very important for me. I am so happy for you.

    I’ll see you around Feb 7th…hopefully Yoga Nidra will continue until then.


    • Talk about my wildest dreams – well, one of them anyway, lol! Lots of little details, some expected, others not — but it’s all worth it to provide a place for dedicated yogis like you to share their love of yoga. See you at Yoga Nidra in February; I’ll save you a mat! Namaste – Chuck

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