Let yoga transform you from the inside out.

Cathy Cassetta

cathy cassettaCathy comes to us from San Jose, where she taught at The Sea Ranch with a focus on yoga for older bodies. She has offered several workshops: Yoga and Creativity and The Art of Bone Health through Yoga. She approaches the bone health workshop with first-hand interest and application, having been diagnosed with osteoporosis in 2011.

A professional theater director, playwright, teacher, actor and former dancer, Cathy was drawn to yoga as a way to combat the condition of her bones. As a result of her yoga practice, in addition to stronger bones, muscles, and balance, she has regained some of the height she lost through improper bone alignment. A diagnosis of scoliosis led her to myofascial release (MFR) therapy as a patient.


Within three sessions, she experienced significant improvement in her alignment. Her curiosity about MFR resulted in her adding MFR therapy training to her already more than 700 hours of yoga teacher training, including aerial yoga. Her teaching now blends MFR with yoga, providing students with knowledge about their bodies and ways they can help heal themselves and release restrictions. “I am excited to share with you what I’ve learned as a yoga practitioner and teacher. By the way, yes — I am serious about yoga and seriously enjoy laughing and having fun on the mat (we also practice “yoga for the face” – smiling ). Life’s too short not to laugh! Here’s to an elevated and uplifting yoga experience!”

Cathy brings the healing modality of Myofascial Release Therapy to our studio in special event workshops.

More about Cathy:
Website: Cathy Cassetta Yoga