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The Hardest Asana: Letting Go


Originally published in Randy’s Corner, August 24, 2015

At the end of each day something truly miraculous happens. The sun, which has spent so much energy climbing to its highest point in the sky, begins a peaceful descent. The light fades in celebration of the day’s end, while wisps of gold linger to welcome the gentle embrace of twilight.

Imagine if the sun were to decide not to let go of the day. The earth would suffer, both in its presence and in its absence. Thankfully, the sun does not struggle to hold on to the day. Once its task is done, there is only the celebration of release.

With so many things vying for our attention – family, friends, work – it’s easy for our lives to turn into a never-ending “to-do” list. We often push past what is healthy for us, both physically and mentally. Yet no matter how hard or how long we work, we never seem to be “done”. The sense of happiness in our accomplishments takes a back-seat to the belief that we could and should be doing more.

This is why a regular yoga practice is so important. The time you spend on your mat is your time to free yourself from the demands of the “monkey mind” and cultivate a sense of peace and contentment. The next time you step on your mat (which I hope will be soon!), acknowledge all you have accomplished this far in your journey. Believe that you have done your best. Let go of what you cannot change or control. Breathe … and be grateful.

Oh, and don’t worry. Like the sun, you’ll always have another chance to shine.



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What A Good Yoga Teacher Will Tell You


“Listen to your body. Open into the posture. Don’t be afraid to explore what your body can do.”

In any yoga class you’ll probably hear phrases and words of encouragement like those above. As your guide, your yoga teacher is there to support you in your practice in whatever form or level it takes in that moment. You remain the captain of your own ship, so to speak; your yoga teacher is your trusty first-mate, helping you navigate rough waters and rocky shores, but ultimately you decide in what direction and how far your ship will go.

Your teacher is central to helping you experience not just asana, but all the subtle spiritual and emotional levels that are integral to your practice. It is here that yoga works its unique magic, helping you increase the harmonious relationship between mind, body and spirit.

We could write a book on this subject using our own amazing group of teaching professionals as examples. While we contemplate how much fun that would be, visit our friends at Yoganonymous and check out this exceptional article by James Bailey, “What A Good Yoga Teacher Will Tell You”.

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Thai High


Nickelle Dirette | Thai Bodywork Therapist and Yoga Teacher

“Thai yoga massage? Is that a real thing?”

In my travels as a yoga teacher and Thai bodywork practitioner I get that question a lot. People are familiar with traditional forms of massage therapy (Deep Tissue, Swedish, Prenatal, Hot Stone, etc.) but haven’t heard of “Thai yoga massage”, so they tend to be skeptical. A few minutes into their first Thai massage, their skepticism — along with a whole lot of stress! — just fades away.

A Little History, A Little Mystery

Nuad Bo Rarn is the name given to traditional Thai yoga massage in Thailand. It means “ancient healing” or “sacred medicine”. This type of therapy begins with the Eastern belief that in order to treat an illness one must involve the whole body, not just a specific part. This holistic approach involves a network of energy lines called “Sen”. Sen lines are subtle energy pathways that extend throughout the entire body.

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Excuses, Excuses


By Rod Hagan | Instructor, BROGA: Yoga for Men!

I think I’ve heard every excuse for why a guy won’t go to yoga. I teach a men-only yoga class and I’m on a mission to clear up some misconceptions about guys and yoga.

Sometimes the reasoning is valid but most of the time it’s not. So I’m going to give you the top six excuses I’ve heard from guys who’ve said they’ll never try yoga and my best mildly snarky responses to convince you why you should.

If you’re a guy and you already practice yoga, high-five! You’ve experienced first-hand how yoga can strengthen your muscles, increase your flexibility and flatline stress. Maybe you had a YOLO moment and decided to see what this crazy yoga thing was all about. Maybe a friend talked you into going. However your journey on the mat got started, yoga has become a meaningful part of your life — so much so you now wonder how you ever got along without it.

I love you, man. I really do, and I support you and celebrate your journey to better health and self-awareness.

This post isn’t for you.

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Make Every Day Earth Day


Earth Day: April 22, 2015

Kiki’s Hog-Nosed Bat is arguably the smallest mammal on earth. An adult weighs around 2 grams and is about 1 inch in length. It lives in limestone caves along rivers in Thailand and southeast Burma. After mating near the end of winter the females give birth to one baby, called a pup, in the spring and nurses the baby for up to six months, then teaches it to fly and find food.

The Blue Whale is arguably the largest mammal on earth. The adult weighs around 200 tons and
can be up to 100 feet in length. The heart of a blue whale can weigh as much as a car. After mating, the female cares for her baby, called a calf, for about a year. The baby is born weighing up to 3 tons.
Its first year, the calf subsists on nothing but its mother’s milk and will gain about 200 pounds every day for the first year.

For two such seemingly disparate beings, they share a lot in common.

Both breathe air.
Both are mammals, meaning they give birth to live young.
Both nurse and care for their young.
Both make their home on Planet Earth.
Both are share a common enemy which threatens their existence: Humans.

This fragile, terra-dwelling bat and this majestic, sea-dwelling whale are both supported by the same planet. That’s pretty remarkable when you stop to think about it.

We are stewards of the earth. Every living thing has a consciousness and we are all connected. It is our duty as stewards to be kind, wise, strong and mindful. To treat all living things, ALL. LIVING. THINGS. with respect. In the words of the Dalai Lama: “Our prime purpose in this life is to help others. And if you can’t help them, at least don’t hurt them.”

Each breath you take is shared by a thousand different species that live here with you. The rich dark soil you walk on is alive with hundreds upon hundreds of living things, each one attending to its purpose. Each living thing makes a contribution to the whole; who are we to say that one is more worthy than another? That the bee is more valuable than the ant, or that we should treasure the butterfly more than the earthworm?

Make every day Earth Day. Namaste

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Happy New Year!

Originally published in Randy’s Corner, January 2, 2015

We support you in finding your way to a healthier, happier more peaceful new year.

If you are being called to the practice of yoga we invite you to take a seat on your yoga mat and to feel the support of our nurturing, professional and caring instructors.

Treat yourself to a beautiful space where you can have a private moment with yourself and your body, with a group of others who are on the same path to wellness!!!!

We greet you with open arms … Namaste!

Randy and Your Yoga Family

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12 Ways Yoga Changed My Life — and Could Change Yours!


By Kathryn E. Livingston, author “Yin, Yang, Yogini”
Originally published on huffingtonpost.com, January 5, 2015

January is a great month for getting into (or back to) a yoga practice. When you step onto your mat you may alter a lot more than your waist circumference… if you’re like me (and so many others) you just may find that yoga changes — or even saves — your life. Maybe your practice will just give you the courage to try bright purple nail polish (non-toxic of course), or maybe it will give you the strength to take down cancer. In my case, it made all the difference for both. Here are a dozen ways yoga turned my life upside down:

(1) Before yoga, I refused to go for a pedicure.
Yes, that’s right: I had a severe case of pedicure phobia. But yoga changed all that. Hanging out in bare feet for hours (and sometimes being asked to place them on another practitioner for a partner pose) made me give in to fancy feet (though it’s certainly not a requirement!).
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by Chuck Burks
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Yoga is a Lifestyle

Originally published in Randy’s Corner, October 19, 2014

The hardest part of Yoga is getting to the practice, whether it is a personal practice at home, or joining your friends at your favorite studio. Sharing this intimate quiet time with one’s self, breathing and stretching, feeling the lovely benefits the practice has to offer — your own private journey!

The benefits are boundless and far greater when you embrace a routine and make the practice a way of life. Once a week will be helpful; 3-4 times a week will imprint a peaceful, joyful mind-body experience that you won’t find in any other activity. Posture, balance, energy and an overall sense of well-being will be yours when you allow yourself to “fall” into Yoga.

We invite you, we encourage you, and we support you!

Come see what awaits you … on your mat.

Peace. Love. Yoga. Namaste.