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All Good Things Must Come


— posted 6/11/20, 5:48am
The only constant, as the saying goes, is change. We’re learning to navigate a new reality, one being shaped by something we can’t even see, but something that continues to affect thousands of people and communities worldwide.
We’re seeing and hearing reports on a daily, sometimes hourly basis on the impact of Covid-19 and what our leaders are doing to minimize its influence and keep us as safe as possible.
We’re dealing with a host of changing recommendations on how best to protect ourselves (not to mention some decidedly uncivilized behaviors in the buying of hand sanitizers and toilet paper); national and deserved attention on the poisonous stain of systemic racism; police brutality; dwindling confidence in the highest levels of our leadership; our planetary environmental crisis; and don’t get me started on murder hornets. Read more…


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